Bronze Medallion

The Bronze Medallion is a challenging award, which provides surf lifesavers with the knowledge and skills to be able to participate in beach patrols or supervise groups of people in the open water environment. The practical and theoretical sections of the award are designed to test a person’s competency in surf awareness, survival, patrol and rescue procedures, radio operations, emergency care plus anatomy and physiology. A candidates physical fitness is tested by a 200m run- 200m swim- 200m run completed in under eight minutes; a 400m pool swim to be completed in under nine minutes; simulated rescues using a rescue board and tube. All these skills combine to train candidates to be an effective member of a patrol team tasked with providing a safe beach and aquatic environment.

To enter the Bronze course you must have met the following course pre-requisites.

  • Be a minimum of 15 years old on the date of final assessment.
  • Have completed a 400 metre swim in nine minutes or less, in a swimming pool of not less than 25 metres or over a measured open water course before any training starts in the surf and/or deep water.

Other Courses:

  • Resuscitation Certificate (AID)
  • First Aid (AID)
  • Advanced Resuscitation Techniques (AID)
  • Spinal Management
  • Pain Management Certificate (Methoxyflurane)
  • Silver Medallion Advanced First Aid (AID)
  • Surf Rescue Certificate (CPR Endorsed)
  • Radio Operators Certificate
  • ATV Operator Induction
  • QLD Tractor Induction
  • QLD 4WD Induction
  • Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management