Palm Beach Nippers

Nippers, both Girls and Boys make up a large part of the clubs active membership.

They learn surf skills and water safety from the Under 6′s, moving through juniors to Under 15′s. From here they are encouraged to join our senior club and assist with active beach patrols and watch over the new nippers.


Palm Beach Nippers

Who is it for?

Girls and Boys are welcomed into nippers and we cover age groups from U6 – U15.

After this they can go through the Youth Development Program and into the senior ranks.

What they learn?

Confidence in the water and the ability to read the surf to avoid dangerous conditions.

Surf skills in the form of swimming and board activities as well as beach events such as beach flags and sprints.

They also learn the benefits of being in a team, working towards common goals, community consciousness and the value of volunteering and being part of a bigger picture.

When is it on? 

Palm Beach SLSC is the only Gold Coast Nippers Club which holds activities on Saturday Mornings!

This works well for a lot of families as it leaves Sundays free from sports!.

Nippers Surf Sports on Saturday mornings at 8.00am – 10.30am.

The official commencement of the season is October, however sign on is to be announced soon

Season Starts in earnest with:

  • Nipper Orientation day is on the TBA


How long is the season?

The season runs from September to March with a break over the Christmas period. Check with the club for actual dates.


All children are taught the skills required to swim in the surf safely.

As they progress through the years they are tested for proficiency in various disciplines such as CPR and the Bronze Medallion.

Children have the ability to compete at variousPalm beach surf club nippers awards events like

  • Club Championship days
  • Surf carnivals (age dependent)
  • Branch and State level carnivals as well.

We have some of the children who are state champions in and others who just enjoy the competition.

The big feature is that they are all part of the Palmy team and they do us proud both in competition and as representatives of the club when they when they pull on the Club Colors

Parents Involvement.

Parents are encouraged to participate in the beach activities and supervision of their children. We also look to parents to get involved and help run the Saturday mornings by lending a hand with the set up and packing up of the beach. Palm Beach parent involvement Parents can also undertake some of the accredited courses the club offers such as the Bronze Medallion. There is plenty of opportunity to get involved if you wish.